GemMaster III


By combining superior quality with accommodating features, the Precision GemMaster has proven a delight for both the expert gem cutter, as well as the novice.

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The secret of the accuracy of the Precision GemMaster is found not only in its high-quality components, electronic circuitry and craftsmanship but also in its unparalleled “standard” features. These features are designed to make the Precision GemMaster the easiest and most accurate faceting machine available while slashing the amount of time required. First and foremost is the ELECTRONIC MICRO STOP (EMS) METER, THE HEART OF THE Precision GemMaster.

HERE IS HOW THE EMS CAN IMPROVE YOUR ACCURACY AND SAVE YOU TIME: As the first facet in a series is cut to the desired angle and depth, the needle moves up the meter scale. When the facet is completed and the grinding stops, the position of the needle on the meter is noted. As each subsequent facet in a series is cut, an audible tone denotes the identical needle position on the meter. Upon hearing this tone, you know to move on to the next facet. When using this method, upon completion not only are all your facets identical but your time involved is cut dramatically! If the use of the tone is not desired, a switch is provided to turn it off and allow only the meter needle to operate.

Example: After the first facet in a series is cut (taking a minimum of time) the remaining facets in the series can be cut in six to ten seconds each!


Keyed dops for an easy and more accurate transfer.
Large brass platen results in greater stability for the lap.
Lap direction is reversible.
Renewable thread in lap spindle to compensate for thread wear.
The mast on left or right.
Large stainless steel water container with water-level sight-gauge.
Available in 110 or 220 volts.
1 Color Coded #96 Index Plate
4 Dops (4MM Flat & Cone; 8MM Flat & Cone)
1 Flexible Post Lamp
1 Maintenance/Instruction Manual
1 E.M.S. (Electronic Micro-Stop)
1 Stainless Steel Splash Pan
Accessories (Including Allen Wrenches, Spare Fuse, Lap Screw, Lubricant, Caliper)

Motor Controller Voltage: 120 VAC USA (or 240 VAC as requested)
Electronic Micro-Stop Voltage: 120 VAC USA (or 240 VAC as requested)
Motor Controller Fuse: 6AMP – 250 V
Motor: 90 or 180 VDC Permanent Magnet – Ball Bearings
Motor Speed: No Load – 3100 RPM Approximately
Motor Size: 1/5 HP
Lap Speed: No Load – 1725 RPM Approximately
Lap Size: 6″ or 8″
Dop Shaft Size: 1/4″
Machine Size: 24-1/2″ long x 11-1/2″ wide x 18-1/4″ high
Mast Height Adjustment: 48 MM
Drive Belt: Polyurethane (No adjustment required)
Shipping Weight: 79 Pounds Approximately
Warranty: One (1) Year Limited Warranty
Items included with the machine: Lubricant, Caliper-Pocket Size Brass Siding Gauge, #96 Index Gear, Master Dop Set