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A Dedication to Excellence

Manufacturers of the GemMaster II

Being both an engineering shop and amateur gem cutters, we were saddened to hear of Fac-Ette Manufacturing Inc closure in 2012. The Fac-ette GemMaster II Faceting Machine ™, with it’s distinctive protractor gauge for setting angles, hyper-accurate EMS meter for measuring cut depth, and heavyweight cast metal body, is unique in the lapidary tools market.

As the need for service grew over time, dedicated Fac-ette owners, both hobbyists and professionals, approached us to design and machine parts so they could continue to cut quickly and with precision. New and advanced cutters wanting better machines continuously asked us if we could provide new Fac-Ette machines. These requests led to the creation of the newly engineered precision GemMaster faceting machine offered today.

With long experience and a dedication to excellence, Savana Mining Equipment, LLC, is well qualified to take up the Fac-Ette mantle: Savana was first established in 1972 as JW Enterprises, focusing primarily on precision machined components for the mining, aerospace and local industries. Our unwavering commitment to quality machining and customer satisfaction proved to be the key to our success; customers recognized our dedication to excellence, and our business grew. Today, our machine shop provides design consultation, precision machining, precision fitting and assembly for everything from prototypes to custom-designed parts. We work with a broad range of polymer and metal materials using state-of-the-art machine tools.