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GemMaster II

The secret of GemMaster accuracy is it's high quality components, electronic circuitry and craftsmanship, but also in unparalleled "standard" features. 

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Dedicated Fac-ette owners, both hobbyists and professionals, approached us to design and machine parts, so they could continue to cut quickly and with precision. 

Manufacturers of the GemMaster II!

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GemMaster Calibration

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We provide a full calibration service for all Precision GemMaster equipment, so your machine is always finely tuned...

GemMaster in Action

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Check out these amazing videos of the GemMaster. The 3 part video of Speed Cutting is particularly interesting...
Fac-Ette GemMaster

By combining superior quality with accommodating features, the Precision GemMaster has proven a delight for both the expert gem cutter, as well as the novice.


Calibration Service

Our calibration equipment will analyze the performance of your faceting machine


Transfer Fixture

The Deluxe Transfer Fixture is a precise alignment instrument


Index Gear

Precision engineered and corrosion resistant brass index gears


GemMaster II

GemMaster, the most respected name in faceting equipment, brings world-class technology to the art of faceting. With its in-house mechanical engineer and master machinist the company has long set the standards throughout the world for faceting accuracy. The GemMaster II takes accuracy one step further. We know of no other faceting machine on the market today that has reached the same degree of precision or accuracy.

This instrument was made with precision and care with the following aims in mind: to make your faceting easier, more accurate, faster, and therefore more enjoyable. The GemMaster II is created from the highest quality materials, including brass, stainless steel, chrome-plated tool steel, and anodized aluminum. All parts were machined on Computer Numeric Controlled automatic machinery to aerospace tolerances for superior accuracy when cutting facets. The graduations on the protractor, mast barrel, and thimble were etched with a laser beam to insure accuracy.

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Our unwavering commitment to quality machining and customer satisfaction proved to be our keys to success; customers recognized our dedication to excellence....


GemMaster II

GemMaster II

The secret of the GemMaster accuracy is it's high quality components, electronic circuitry and craftsmanship, but also in unparalleled "standard" features.